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How to increase user loyalty via messenger?

Happy users not only spend more, but in general, they are cheaper for the company: attracting a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one. In addition, loss of customers is associated with reputational costs: people are more likely to share bad experiences with the company than good experiences. Think for yourself, what are you more likely to tell others: about the experience of interaction when everything went smoothly, or about how you hung on the line for hours but did not get an answer to your question?

For customers to return to you, again and again, it is necessary to offer them the highest quality service. User interface using chatbots and business messages in messengers makes it easier to interact with customers, make it simpler and more cost-effective for business, as well as smooth and convenient as possible for customers. And, most importantly, your customers never have to “hang” on the line waiting for a response.

    1. Interact and entertain

Conversational chatbots can mimic human speech naturally and fluently. Moreover, the use of additional elements such as emoticons, the insertion of funny videos, the choice of language preferences work wonders and further personalize the interaction between the client and the company’s support team.

Chatbots that can detect typos, understand the jargon, and read between the lines truly attract customers and will be unconditionally supported by them.

Want an example? The chatbot of HelloFresh (a provider of product bundles) named Freddy, presented in the messenger, has become a real legend among the service users. It is easy to use and offers useful information in a friendly and warm manner. The bot helps to find the answer to the age-old question “What will we have for dinner today?” By offering customers recipes that are relevant to them and recommending appropriate products for ordering.

But its advantages do not end there. It also offers interactive food-themed quizzes to keep users interested and entertained. You ask, what results were achieved with its help? HelloFresh saw a 47% increase in incoming messages. At the same time, the response time was reduced by an incredible 76%. Amazing, isn’t it?

    1. Answer quickly

In yoga, it counts in inches, and in technical support, it counts in seconds. To be precise, it is important to keep it within 40 seconds. That is how much response time you have before customers change their minds and turn to competitors.

It’s not just about convenience: in a global pandemic, offering help on time within seconds can be a matter of life and death.

    1. Promotion

Being able to communicate comfortably with customers is a great start. But to truly succeed, you need to stand out from the competition. To maximize its impact, the American Eagle Outfitters chatbot uses convenience as the main factor and creates an atmosphere of joy and positiveness in promoting products and attracting customers.

In a humorous format, he successfully uses memes, gifs, images, which takes customer interaction to a new level. At the same time, analyzing the responses and the expressed interest of users, the dialogue bot offers practical advice and tips.

    1. Designed to help support professionals, not replace them

A reservation must be made here. As smart as chatbots are, they cannot completely replace live customer support specialists. However, they shouldn’t. The best customer service chatbots are capable of capturing the tone of the conversation and the type of request coming from the customer and relaying it to the human operator who is better suited to address the request.

If a customer is annoyed by the lack of clear response, they are unlikely to be impressed by your chatbot, no matter how cleverly they use emojis. Having live specialists to monitor bots and their willingness to defuse tensions will prevent angry customers from causing irreparable reputational damage to your brand. The last thing you need is an explosion of negative reviews, which can go viral in an instant.

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