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Don’t forget about the rest… at work!

Those who think that it is necessary to rest after work, and not during it, are very mistaken. During the working day, be sure to set aside some time to relax.

If you don’t do this, you will develop chronic fatigue, stress, and apathy at work. This will not lead to anything good.

How to rest properly?

If you think surfing the Internet and reading anecdotes will help you, then you are bitterly mistaken. You may have distracted your brain from your current tasks, but what about your body? As we sat, hunched over in an armchair, we remained. The eyes look further into the monitor and the impression is that they were filled with sand. Back, head – all under the same pressure. This is not a vacation.

If you are a boss

If you are a leader, set an example for your subordinates. Talk constantly about the importance of proper rest. If you have the opportunity – make a restroom: put on darts, buy puzzles. This is great for helping your staff relieve stress and get back to work with a clean head.

What if there is no time?

If it seems to you that there is so much work that there is no time for a break, know that any work takes exactly as much time as it is allotted for. If you take 2 hours to solve a problem, then most likely you will do it for two hours. Reduce deadlines and – you will see – you will meet them. And devote the saved time to rest.

Remember that a professional knows how not only to work, but also to rest.

Exercises to relieve fatigue while working at the computer

  1. Get up from the chair, stretch your arms forward, interlocking your fingers. Tighten the muscles of the arms and fingers for a few seconds, then relax, and so on 15-20 times.
  2. Grab your hands behind your back in a common fist. Stretch your chest forward, slightly arching your back, while raising your clenched arms up to the stop. Then lower your arms and straighten up, do 10-15 of these exercises.
  3. Raise your hands up, clutching together. Bend the body to the left and right at least 10 times.
  4. Clasp your fingers behind your head. Bend to the sides: forward and backward alternately.
  5. Sit on a chair, while keeping your back straight. Then make circular movements with your head, first in one direction, then in the other.

Take care of your eyes:

  1. Go to the window, carefully look at a close, clearly visible detail, then direct your gaze into the distance, trying to see the most distant objects.
  2. With open eyes, slowly, in time with the breath, smoothly draw the “figure eight”. Repeat 5-7 times.
  3. Look for 5-6 seconds at the thumb outstretched at the eye level of the right hand. Slowly move your hand to the right, while following your finger without turning your head. Do the same with your left hand. Repeat 5-7 times in each direction.
  4. Blink your eyes often.

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