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Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s paid contextual advertising that helps achieve site visibility on the first pages of Google at the top and bottom of the page. The full name is Google AdWords, and since July 2018 the service is called Google Ads (Google Ads). There is a truly huge functionality behind all the complexity of the interface in Google AdWords.

Getting started with Google AdWords? The most important thing here is not to miss anything. Сonsider the following tips on what to do and how to help you when launching your first ad campaign.

    1. Track conversions.

Always know exactly how much you are spending on sales. Check if the information is available from the cart page in Google AdWords. This way you can more accurately measure the ROI of each ad and keyword, as well as identify the sources of targeted traffic.

    1. Use a keyword planner.

This free AdWords tool will help you build your keyword list and expand your existing one. The planner will offer you a wide range of options. So be patient to choose the most effective words.

    1. Test, evaluate.

You determine your daily expenses and the maximum cost per click for each keyword when using pay-per-click advertising. Practice constantly, and you can easily identify the top-performing keywords and optimize your site to attract more visitors from the search engine results. The information you need is available to you at any time.

    1. Don’t pay attention to your keyword popularity metrics.

Google AdWords will tell you that your ad isn’t working because no one is using similar queries. Never mind! If you are sure that your potential customers will enter the chosen words into a Google search, feel free to add them and track traffic.

    1. Use the Change History tool

The Change History report will help you see the history of changes made (pause a campaign, add new keywords, change the size of the budget) or monitor the work of a contextual advertising specialist. Changes can be monitored at both the campaign and ad group levels. Data is available for the last 2 years.

    1. Don’t try to attract as many visitors as possible.

The narrower your specialization, the more specific the proposal should be. You can form a false impression using generic phrases and visitors will leave your site within seconds because you are not actually offering what they are looking for. As a result, you pay for every click, but you don’t get clients.

    1. Don’t set a goal to beat your competitors’ bids.

Yes, it is nice to surpass customers and see your ad in the first position, but not for long. There is always someone with a big budget.

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